Maintenance Program from Boelcke Heating and Air Conditioning

Why have a maintenance agreement?

  • Studies have shown that properly maintained equipment lasts longer, has fewer breakdowns, and maintains higher efficiencies.
  • You don't have to remember to schedule, we do it for you
  • You get instant savings when you pay for your plan ($5.00 per unit)
  • There is no overtime rate for emergency service
  • If parts are needed, you get a %15 discount (excluding media filters)
  • You always get priority scheduling in times of high service volume.


Exclusive Planned Maintenance Agreement Program

A Furnace Tune Up Typically* Includes

Visually inspect heat exchangers Inspect and clean burners
Check chimney draft Check blower and lubricate
Check vent pipe(s) Check safety switches
Check thermocouple/flame control Clean flame rod
Check and replace standard filter if req'd. Check thermostat
Visually inspect wiring Check for proper startup and shutdown

An Air Conditioning Tune Up Typically* Includes

Clean outdoor coil Check accessible indoor coils
Check and clean condensate line Check and adjust freon levels if req'd
Clean condensate pump Check motor bearing wear
Check blower speed Check thermostat
Adjust blower Check blower belt
Check and replace standard filter if req'd Visually inspect wiring
Lubricate motors and blower Measure coil temperature difference
Check for proper start up and shut down

*some items may not be possible or required on all units.

Maintenance Agreement Pricing

Prices are based on units per residence:

Gas Furnace and Air Conditioner

Gas Furnace $135.00
A/C Heat Pump $135.00
Additional Onsite Units $125.00
Humidifier $52.00 (Includes Pad)
Water Heater w/ Furnace $62.00
Tankless Water Heater $135 (Includes Flush)

Other Types

Geothermal $145.00
Gas Boiler $165.00
All Fuel Oil $209.00 (Additional $199.00)
Mini Split w/ 2 Indoor Units $145.00
Mini Split Addtl. Indoor Units $55.00
Electric Furnace $115.00
Electric Furnace w/ Heat Pump $135.00
Gas Fireplace $135.00
Package Rooftop Units $330.00
Annual Plumbing Inspection $135.00
Annual Plumbing M/A $135.00

Maintenance occurs twice per year - (1) Heating Season (1) Cooling Season

This agreement includes:

  • No HVAC Service Fee* ($98.00 HVAC fee waived with Service Agreement)
  • No Plumbing Fee* ($98.00 Plumbing fee waived with Service Agreement)
  • $98 Emergency Service Fee ($260 normal charge and deemed by circumstance)
  • 15% Off All Parts and Labor
  • 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

*Recommended repairs necessary to safely operate system must be completed within 30 days to qualify and avoid service charges. Maintenance agreements are transferrable in our service area but not refundable.