Frozen or Burst Pipe Repair Near Stevensville, MI

Boelcke Heating and Air Conditioning can repair frozen or burst pipes in Stevensville, Coloma, St. Joseph and the surrounding Southwest Michigan area.

winter homeWhen the winter months arrive in Southwest Michigan, they bring with them snow, ice and cold temperatures. Unfortunately, that also means they can bring frozen pipes – or worse, burst pipes. Frozen pipes need to be taken care of properly in order to prevent a disaster. That means, as soon as you discover your pipes are frozen, you need to call in an expert right away. Fortunately, Boelcke Heating and Air Conditioning can help. We’ll take care of your frozen pipes before they burst – or after.

Hopefully, you discover frozen pipes before they burst. If you do, turn off your main water valve right away, and open a faucet so water that melts can easily flow out. Thaw out pipes as best as you can by wrapping them in warm towels and using a blow dryer to keep hot air circulating around the pipes. Then call the experts at Boelcke Heating and Air Conditioning. Our skilled master plumbers can help you get your frozen pipes thawed, and in the unfortunate event of a burst pipe, we can make the repairs needed to your plumbing.

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    Trust Boelcke to help you with frozen and burst pipes in Stevensville and Southwest Michigan.

    When you call in Boelcke Heating and Air Conditioning to help you with your frozen or burst pipe concerns, you’ll be counting on the professionals. That’s because we’re a full-service plumbing contractor offering a complete variety of plumbing services and products for your home. In addition to frozen and burst pipe repair, we offer the following in Stevensville and Southwest Michigan:

    If you live in Stevensville, Coloma, St. Joseph or the surrounding areas and need help fixing frozen or burst pipes in your home, give Boelcke Heating and Air Conditioning a call at (269) 429-9261. We’ll tell you about the different plumbing services and products we offer, and help you find the solution that best suits your needs.

    Here are just a few of the areas we offer frozen and burst pipe repair services: